What's included in my media portfolio?

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fitPROS Workplace Wellness
  • 5 Power Points for Picking Power Bars 

Food & Nutrition Magazine
  • 4 Types of Yogurts you should know about 

  • Recipe Organization Tips 

Integrative & Functional Nutrition
  • Click here to view my 5 posts covering food's effect on your mood!

Southern Dallas Magazine
  • National Peanut Butter Month

  • ​Eat to Beat Breast Cancer 

  • Food & Fun at the Farmer's Market 

Green Mountain Grills
  • Mean Mozzarella Bowl Recipe 

The Culinarian Magazine
  • Pumpkins: A Healthy Flavor (pg. 4)

  • Culinary Creativity to prevent Food Waste (pg. 7)

  • Nutrition Myths Debunked (pg. 5).

Health at Every Size HAES Blog®
  • Health Food vs. Healthy Relationship with All Food 

    • Eat Around the World: It's Good for You!

    • Anatomy of a West Coast Jewish Deli 

    • 5 Must-Read Books for Food Lovers 

    • 6 Food Films we Love 

  • Why My Potato Chips are Healthier than the Diet Mentality 

  • All-natural or all-sexist? Carl's Jr. does it again 

  • Thin is OUT- for some runways

  • Is exercise even good for you anymore? 

  • 5 ways you can take a vacation from getting "vacation-ready"